After brushing teeth the facing of my mouth comes stale. its stringy. plz can sum1tell me what this could be?

You are allergic to an ingredient in the toothpaste. Did u switch toothpastes? Try a different toothpaste, no big operate. It could be a new allergy to impossible to tell apart old toothpaste also. When you are allergic to a toothpaste the bin liner in your mouth will shed or slough sour in white pieces/strings. Many culture have this trouble w/ whitening toothpastes.
Gum disease or trauma? See your dentist. Your gums' strength is extremely important to your overall condition. Gum disease is a major contributor to cardiac problems.
dude see a dentist....
You could be allergic to the toothpaste or the brush you are using is to rigorous, try a different toothpaste and maybe a softer brush.

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