A chunk come out after tooth extraction?

12 days ago I had a 2 teeth extracted. All of a sudden only just now I have a lil lump come out of the one socket. It looks alot like a tiny chunk of chewed up beef or something & have a lil blood it looks like on it. My socket seem to be deeper now than what it have, but it is not hurting or anything. Is this normal or should I bring it to the attention of my dentist?

It may be food that have been stuck nearby for a while, that can easily come about. If you're that worried, ask your densist. If the socket is no longer bleeding, chances are, you're fine. It should probably be as adjectives as the other.
It is probably a bit of tooth or jaw bone, not exceptional but just to be sure I'd give the name the dentist. He shouldn't charge you if you have to move about in for him to check it out.
The root have a shell around it and for several weeks you are apt to get pieces of this shell working their mode out. This will occur even after the wound have healed. The shell will break thru the gum Hurts some. You can verbs them out if you can get a grip on them. The meaty mass you found may be a clot.

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