After have a tooth extraction, how long is it secure to brush over it lacking risking bleeding?

You need not to disturb the clotting process of the socket, if this clot is removed you enjoy a high unsystematic of getting what they call a 'dry socket'.
Brush your other teeth first

Warm salty mouth rinses 3 times a daylight will definatley help the restorative process.

Dental Nurse 10 years.
Advice from a dentist.
>Brush the next morning near a soft toothbrush.
>The same day.You may put away soft n cold food like icecream 30 minutes or more after the extraction.
>Nothing hot
My daughter have 3 tooth extractions today. That was the suggestion from the dentist.
the cleaner your mouth, the faster it will heal. you can insubstantially brush over it, but make sure not to disturb the clot. i recommend brushing your other teeth as everyday, and only insubstantially brushing the extraction site. Then swish warm river lightly around the nouns.

but then again... i didn't elapse wreb
dont brush over it for a couple of days you dont want to risk tearing it near the bristles the area is still not sucking through straws:)

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