After getting a molar within the back/top pulled...?

How long until that spot is healed so I can return with a bridge or an implant?

How long do I enjoy to worry almost a dry socket?

It's the second tooth from the back on the top departed of my mouth. Has anyone had an push in with that tooth? or bridge?

If you own a dry socket, you would know. It HURTS like heck. If it's be more than a week and you felt nought, you are fine.

As far as replacement with any a bridge or implant go...

An implant usually is not a dutiful idea for the rear legs of the top jaw, because the sinuses are right above that nouns. Usually one requires a Caldwell-Luc sinus lift surgery and a bone graft to capture an implant surrounded by that area. Some patients are lucky and might enjoy enough bone surrounded by the area though. You should ask for an evaluation.

A bridge can be done after the extraction site heal up and the bone remodels to a reasonably smooth contour, which might embezzle a few months.

Ask your dentist for an evaluation and see what's the best way to progress.

Good luck!
For an upper molar you should wait give or take a few two months before you start the implantation process. A bridge can be done in a moment ago over one month.
Most people bring their dry sockets on the third day. After a week, you're surrounded by the clear.

but then again... i didn't miss wreb
not for a month or two will that spot be healed...more or less a week you could worry roughly getting dry sucking through straws for the first cupple of days you could open up the clot that be forming, ive had a bridge that why i know it does bring a month or two after the healing i also work beside an oral surgeon

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