After root waterway treatment, tooth hurt, is it majority?

I have my root strait treatment 3 days ago but when my top tooth bites into the treated tooth the gum underneath the treated tooth hurt, is it normal?
I have pulpectomy before root waterway treatment and after pulpectomy the gum didnt hurt but this time with root conduit treatment it hurts when I bite onto it, why?

I also have have root canal treatment your tooth can be senatative for upto a few days afterwards thats usual as remember your dentist has simply been poking at your roots within your tooth mine were sore for something like 2 days nurofen plus helps the cramp but if it presists go subsidise to dentist
I got that done almost a month ago It didn't hurt but my dentist warned me that it would hurt and she said lift pain killer.
You have a qualified dentist and you ask for medical
information HERE?

Are you kid - or are you a blonde?

Step up and take a card!
It's call "Ghost Pain" perfectly mundane. You are reacting to deceased nerves and your brain tells you it should hurt
its not unusual for a tooth to hurt for a few days after treatment, but if it continues jump back to your dentist, I don`t know he needs to adjust your bite
yuuka yakki`ow`ow`ow`-for 1 month`
i have one two months ago, now it hurts again freshly thinking about it. gratefulness!

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