... how to prevent from getting bony cheeks after wearing braces?

. i'm going to wear braces within a week. extraction of four teeth for space are already over... i hold chubby cheeks.i heard that once braces are put, cheeks will tend to become bony... since four teeth are taken surrounded by my case, likelihood are that my cheeks will go too reflective inside and eventually end up looking resembling old ppl. i dont wanna arrive at that situation. please transmit me some ways to keep my cheeks as chubby as it is..

As far as I know (from experience) braces do circuitously cause bony cheeks. However, they do greatly interfere beside eating, and the resulting weightiness loss can cause that effect. Watch your diet while you hold the braces and you should be fine. You should ask a dentist.

You are going to pay your dentist a bundle for this work. Make a schedule of questions and win him/her to answer them while you are in the department. It is part of the service.
Personally...I hold never see the "bony" effect you are talking something like. People look the same..merely better...after braces!

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