Ahhhh cavity helppp!!?

ok so the last time i go to the dentist was the summer of 2005 and i didnt hold any cavities but my dentist wasnt drastically good and he didnt know what he be doing. so this month about 2 weeks ago i go to the dentist. i had around 3 cavities and i made an appointment to achieve them filled surrounded by july. it happened to be the week that i hold important plans that i really aspiration i could change but i cant. and presently i get them packed on august 7th and 8th. so i was only wondering if the longer you wait to win a cavity filled, does it obtain worse the longer you wait? i hold braces and its really hard to carry to brushing in every little spot. but please backing me!!

Don't sweat it.cavities grow really pretty slowly so waiting isn't going to hurt anything. Just don't put it rotten too long or you WILL have trouble.
Yes, waiting to grasp a cavity filled can most definatley create it worse, however, I don't think it is going to kind a huge difference if you wait an extra few weeks. I doubht your tooth will crash out, LOL.
Oh, if you have braces, try to grasp a dental pick, the one with the rubber come to an end, also maybe try a soft smaller compact toothbrush, or a battery-operated operated toothbrush, and see if that help :)
Good Luck to you!!

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