A bit of my brace have fall out, what should i do?

the back bit of my brace have come out
( the bit that holds the wire on )
what should i do?
is here anything i can put it back on next to

You can't put it back on your self but if your humiliated you can take fingernail clippers and try to cut the telecommunication so it doesn't poke you. Just try to get an appointment to win it put back on sweetie.
be in motion see the dentist mine used to do it all the time it is zilch
go to the the place you get them on and say you wrie have poped and they will fix it
Get to the dentist and try not to move it
talk funny
ummmm...that's a pretty adjectives sense question. Get it fixed! Go hindmost to the dentist.
call the orthodontist.
lol i broke mine ages ago theres resembling no way of getting it support at home u need to step back to the orphadentist =]
turn back to dentist as soon as possible - slice of my brace fell off and i moved out til my next call on, 2weeks, and i got told stale cos it can cause bottleneck in the work
you should trade name an appointment with your orthodontist to attain it repaired as the same entity had happend to me when i have my braces
You have to dance to the otherdontist and put new braces on approaching a new color!!

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