A Great teeth whitening product?

What is a really great teeth whitening product? I have used the crest whitening strips for awhile and use them correctly, but I dont draw from good results. What works for you?

the aquafresh trays worked very well for me! Tasted alot better than crest too.
I used the crest white strips and got awesome results! I hope you find something!
the crest works for me but they taster like crap. i could use an answer for that.
rinse beside hydrogen peroxide three times day for 10 minutes.
Only the dentist =(

I tried so plentiful ways, anything that you could possibly buy at a store, and nothing worked.

Go to the dentist and ask around teeth whitening. It's worth the money, it might be covered at least surrounded by part by your insurance (check next to them first), and you'll actually achieve real results.

Even a moment ago a simple tooth cleaning session from your dentist can lighten it up a moment or two bit- you'd be suprised.
crest whitening strips arent my fav, cause approaching u they didnt always contribute me the best results

i tried colgate, they worked better but i still wanted more
i tried aquafresh and 2 mne, they hold the best results

***if u use any of the strips too much, they wil wear out ur teeth and wont give u pious reuslts
I use rembrandt whitening trays. I saw results after just one use.

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