Abscessed tooth?

I am pretty sure I have an abcessed tooth, I am on antibiotics for strep throat, is within anything I can do over the weekend until I can call a dentist on monday? It is not excruciating dull pain, but I can definitely inform that it is there.

I assume that you own localized swelling near the tooth within question. Is within pus draining from the gums near the tooth. Does the tooth hold a cavity, is it sensitive to pressure, or is it mobile? Don't wait for the dentist on Monday if the swelling progresses speedily and your jaw or facade enlarges hurriedly, you have a confusion, or you just quality sick. Go to the emergency room immediately! Cellulitis spreads hurriedly and can be life threatening. Since you are taking an antibiotic, the probability of the infection if present is minimized, depending on the antibiotic you're taking for Strep. Penicillins, Augmentin, Keflex, and Clindamycin among others work well for some dental infections. Even if you're hunch better on Monday, still try to see a dentist to confirm or diagnose what is wrong. If the antibiotic you're taking isn't offering relief, Ibuprofen or Tylenol (Acetaminophen) as needed may aid to alleviate your discomfort. Good luck!
i had one once and at first it didnt hurt fruitless, but it gets worse, i hold advice for a moment cuz ik what made it hurt the worst- drinking really cold drinks. but first i had a hole surrounded by the tooth, so the dentist filled it, later they found out it was an absessed tooth so they have to pull it. i know the time i spent next to it, it hurt like crazy so ring a dentist asap to get it checked out.
If it is hurting, an dated tryed and true remedy for tooth ache is vanilla flavoring on a cotton bubble applied directly to the aching tooth. antibiotics will backing but generally you want a penicillin type for abscess tooth. what ever you do, do not let a dentist verbs that tooth until he can guarentee you it isnt abscessed. and be sure you see a dentist as soon as poosible. an abscess tooth is very serious and could mete out blood poison. good luck
Try putting some rime on your jaw, and alternate between a heat pad and the rime. Some over the counter pain medication, like Aleve, can aid within the pain paperwork. If you don't mind your mouth being numb, using something approaching Ambesol can really help.
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you are already taking an antibiotic. That should give a hand with the absess. They should hold giving you something for pain too. I would try Ibuphrophen over the counter. That will sustain the swelling. that should help near the pain. Hope this back.
Steep a tea bag surrounded by boiling water. Place the teabag on the abscessed nouns. The tannic acid will assistance lessen the pain.
Take extra strength Excedrin. Put some clove grease on the area.
If you own an Absesed tooth your face would be swolen

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