About extractions?

well i get braces a week ago and im getting four teeth extracted, but the next year i gotta go and clutch a picture for my learners voucher, i wanted to know if you swell up the light of day after the extractions or will i be okay? help!

Definitely turn with rime, 20mins on, 20 mins off for the first couple of hours afterward. You'll be numb so I wouldn't verbs about discomfort too much. The amount of swelling wil rely on how complicated the teeth are to remove. If you're talking around premolars/bicuspids I wouldn't sweat it because they won't be difficult ro remove like impacted suitability teeth or unerupted teeth. Even then, swelling depends on how easier said than done it is to extract the teeth and it's only a learner's authorization photo.
better ask the dentist before getting it done and reschedule if it does
Most likley u will swell up. I am a dental assistant and enjoy also got my tradition teeth pulled. The doctor most likley will give u a pill to label swelling less. Take that ASAP. Also who ever is picking you up from the appiontment enjoy them bring a ziplock bag of rime with them. The second your competent to ice your cheek do it!! All daylight and nite!! It will work 100%. I didnt swell at all when i get my teeth out. ICE IT!! itll work. gaurenteed. But you need to do it as soon as you can!
I regard it varies for respectively person. I have my teeth extracted twice. Four (Upper/lower ea. side) when I got my braces, no swelling, but alot of bleeding & extremely uncomfortable. Then I have my wisdom tooth extracted (ea. side) not alot of affliction, but major swelling and respectively side swelled up at different time.
I would personally re-schedule to enjoy my pic taken before or after you hold recovered.

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