Aetna dental Insurance?

I am wondering if Aetna covers extractions for wisdom teeth. I want to seize some insurance but I'm not sure which is best.

It depends upon your state, plans vary surrounded by each state. Unless you can bring on a group policy you'll probably have a waiting extent of at least 18 months for central procedures with any individual dental insurance. You also hold a deductible, a yearly maximum and will be paying 50% of the cost next to the insurance. I have a connect I could email you where you can return with the Aetna Dental Access or other dental discount fee for service plans for around $100 per year. These plans do not own a deductible or a yearly maximum and they don't own any waiting periods. Be sure to dispense your dentist a call to formulate sure he accepts any plan that you sign up for.
blue cross blue shield pays the best and have the most coverage. I used to have BC/BS, in a minute I have Aetna, they cover smaller amount, have more copays and own a maximum benefit of about $1200 per year. Trust me, if you own a choice go near someone else, but any insurance is better than no insurance.
Hey. Aetna is a good insurance plan. I enjoy it. But they dont cover all the costs. You might consider getting a supplemental dental robustness plan. That should help next to the rest of the costs. I have one I can proposition you for only $11.95 a month. You can step to my profile and check out my web page and see if it is covered within your area. It dont issue if you have pre-exisiting conditions and no waiting spell. Hope this helps.
try this please
please click "2insure4less" on top gone for main menu after u make the page

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