After root waterway?

I had a root waterway and a filling. How long would it finishing? Do i necesarily need to place a crown? The dentist suggested me to first teem all the cavity first and after-determine. Before this, i need my teeth cleaned. Does that hurt? Friend's prior experience said it be painful! Please contribute me some head ups since my next appointment. I hold recently be loaded with dental question. Please dont mind me. Thank you for understanding! Im starting to discern much better.

Praise the Lord!

Once after a cleaning mine was a lil sore, not much though, plus get a great cleaning. Never had discomfort with filling nor during or after a root canal. Yes, you requirement the crown but it's ok to wait a touch while. If you don't get the crown, eventually the tooth will start turning dismal and will start to crumble, then you will lose the tooth, plus the money you compensated for the root canal to store it. FYI, my root canal cost $500 but very soon the price went up to $750. Same next to the crown. ($750 each) And that's in the poor south. Ridiculous isn't it? Seriously, if you invest surrounded by the root canal, please be aware you will still lose the tooth eventually if you don't acquire the crown too. Your dentist will advise you what's best. Any doubt, bring a second opinion.
getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist does NOT hurt, root conduit and fillings and how long they second all depend on the state of your teeth, the best personality to answer this will be your dentist
The dental cleanings don't hurt. Sometimes after, I feel somewhat sore but makes me get the impression like she's really thorough, lol. It go away in a few hours. You'll get the impression great afterwards. =)

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