Abscess tooth and pregnant?

I think I own an abscess tooth. One of my teeth on the top row is broken and on the inside of the roof of my mouth (if you can follow that) is really swollen where the root of that tooth is. I own all of these white swollen squiggly lines around it also. It hurts so fruitless. I want to go to the dentist and enjoy them look at it. What would they do since I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant. I don't think I can linger until after baby comes. This is excrutiating affliction. Thanks in credit for your answers.


more than likely they will administer you antibiotics and wait until after the toddler comes since your so close.
call your dentist and craft an appointment. no need for tooth pain-
You'll enjoy to call your dentist. Everyone is different. Some will work on pregnant women and others won't. If he won't, he still might be capable of give you some for the strain and/or recommend another dentist that would be willing to see you.
You should bring back it looked at as soon as possible. Mouth bacteria is some of the most risky and if it gets into your bloodstream it could be terrifically serious. Please call your dentist first entity in the morning
Get yourself to a dentist. Even if they can't work on it right away they will afford you antibiotics to prevent you from having some tremendously serious health issues from that abscessed tooth.
Go to the dentist ASAP. We usually similar to to do only elective dentistry within the 2nd trimester of a pregnancy, however emergencies can other be accomadated. Did you know that the decay contained by your tooth can spread to the rest of your body and make you sick or worse...spread to the fetus. You will requirement a letter of clearance from your OB/GYN first formerly any treatment can be done, so get that first or you'll be wasting your time and the dentist's.
you inevitability to see a dentist immediatly those can be very insecure i had one and they said if you dawdle long enough the poisenous fluid can front up to your brain so make sure you be in motion to the dentist and at least attain antibiotics till you have your little one

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