Vicodin past prudence teeth remvoal.?

Okay, all I hold a question. My boyfriend is going to enjoy four of his wisdom teeth removed today near only a local anesthetic. My interrogate is, is it okay for him to take a vicodin (left over from another dental procedure he have done) and a ibuprofen before he go in, to lessen the accident of pain? He is rugged to get numb and also have tmj so it will be quite prickly to hold his mouth open for so long.

You MUST MUST MUST ask the the markedly least, the doctor HAS TO know that he have taken something, so that he can be on the lookout for any problems caused by the pills during the procedure.

I can share you that ibuprofen should not be taken in credit of any surgical procedure. It doesn't have reasonably the same effect as aspirin, but it will categorically thin the blood (I know because my daughter have a problem with this following her ACL surgery).

What's the origin the doctor wants to do this beside only a local? Most of the time, this is done below a general anesthesia, so I own to assume the doc has medical reason for doing it this way...I wouldn't want the vicodin to create the problem that the doc is trying to avoid.

Please be guarded, and talk to the doctor!
I have all 4 done within one shot with freshly local also. The procedure was cake. Afterwards, explicitly when it kills! For 3 days aching pain affliction. Ugh. Tell him not to worry around the procedure, it is really not too bad. If his teeth are impacted- that make it a little more difficult, but surrounded by general it is no biggie. I would not consent to him take Vic' back the procedure and NO aspirin or alcohol- these thinks could net him bleed like a SOB. That is uncertain. YES do take 1 to 3 ibuprofen beforehand the procedure. Ibuprofen stops pain and-even better- is an antiinflamitory (it will abet with the swelling of his mouth). Plus if your script for vic is old- it may not be nontoxic anymore. Don't chance it girl. Have him give somebody a lift the ibuprofen and, to help his nerves, enjoy him bring a MP3 player or cdplayer to the dentist that day. he can listen to the music and zone out and not focus on what they do- simply make sure he asks that it is ok.

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