Abscess Tooth Pulled, Is It health-giving properly?

I had an abscess pulled on Tuesday, June 9th, I started my antibiotics June 8th. This is for a lower molar (primary infant tooth). I was looking at the spot where on earth the tooth used to be and my gum next to my tooth is white on the cheek side. If I look within the spot where the tooth be (socket?) On top there are white "blotches" and below those is a gloom red color which I assume is the pulp. Is this normal? It is really complicated for me to describe but I just want to build sure that it is not an infection getting worse or the like. I own no pain surrounded by the area but aside from the tooth not anyone there it doesn't surface completely normal on that side, almost close to there is still something within. As always, thankfulness for feedback. Should I rinse with mouthwash or peroxide too ? Thanks

I would agree beside the first responder to your question. Warm saline water rinses. The see red color is dried blood (much like a scab on the skin)...not sure roughly speaking the white blotches, but seems unrelated to have your tooth pulled. More than likely the infection is not getting worse as here is usually a lot of stomach-ache associated with tooth infections. Having the mouldy tooth along with antibiotics should do the trick for climax the infection.

This should heal pretty hurriedly for you since it wasn't an adult tooth. The roots are much longer on an fully developed tooth.

Also, I think it is "normal" to experience a character of phantom pain...approaching the tooth is still there. In time that will run away.

If anything changes or get worse, don't hesitate to see your dentist.
No rinse beside warm saline water until heal The area you are looking at sounds conventional the "pulp" was contained by the tooth you had removed and is no longer here. Since this was a tot tooth you should soon see a secondary tooth erupting unless you are congenitally missing a tooth. Anyway if you still hold concerns after a week or so consult your dentist. Remember to take your antibiotics until they are adjectives gone. Hope this helped.

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