Do those next to an OVERbite take TMJ or is it of late nation near an Underbite?

Answers:    TMJ is NOT a condition. It is a joint. TMJ is an short way around for temporomandibular joint. It is where on earth the mandible (lower jaw) articulates (moves) with the temoral bones. It can be palpated (felt beside your fingertips) on your face basically in front of your ears.

TMJ "dysfunction" is the broad term for TMJs that are not functioning properly or are scratchy.

There are a great many cause of TMJ dysfunction. The following is a partial list of cause:

- clenching or grinding the teeth (especially during sleep)
- orthodontics (especially if the teeth were moved quickly)
- replacing a full denture long after the teeth on the innovative denture wore out (especially if the new denture have full-sized teeth on it)
- vigorously chewing gum for extended period of time
- a blow to the jaw
- extended extent of having the mouth far-reaching open (as contained by having sense tooth extractions)
- infected posterior teeth/gums
- ear infection
- malocclusion (upper and lower teeth do not come together properly)
- tight masseter muscles (can be caused by stress)

The remedy for TMJ dysfunction depends on the result in. For that answer, consult with your dentist and provide him/her near this e-mail.
Anyone who's jaw doesn't flash up correctly can have TMJ. You don't even enjoy to have an overbite or underbite. If your chin and has to "slide" surrounded by order for your teeth to stripe up or even if you clench your teeth will cause mouth problems.

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