After 6 months I still enjoy tooth sensitivity after have a cavity full up...?

I had the white filling put in my teeth around 6 months ago. Ever since then, I hold been powerless to eat on that side of my mouth. Some days I seize a constant pain. I go back to the dentist a couple of months ago and be told that this type of sensitivity with these filling is normal and that it would eventually progress away. But it's not getting any better. Please help...what is going on?

the dentist may hold drilled too much and touched a nerve.

jump to the dentist and insist on an xray

you mite need a rootcanal
Is it a big innards?

cause it may touch the courage causing it to die and may be infected.

I have something like that and it be so horrible.
I suggest going to your dentist and having a X-ray done.

you may involve a root canal if it is infected.

and if your alarmed of the dentist just grasp the shot and gas you wont notice anything!
Here is a website that I read give or take a few, because I had one and the same thing after a year.
Having dull pain like that six months or more after filling is NOT normal. I'm within the dental field, and sensitivity is to be expected rapidly after fillings are done, but it usually subsides in a few weeks. I don't know your situation, but it could be possible that either your teeth are cracked or that the oxidization went too far into the tooth and in a minute the nerves are dying. If you ever have throbbing strain, that is not a honourable sign. Another possibility, if your pain comes from chewing instead of hot or cold, is that your filling are simply too "tall", and that can be fixed easily by have your dentist adjust them. But you definitely entail to go put a bet on in and hold them looked at.
well it depends on the type of nourishing you got.if you get any of the following fillings they will be paid your teeth sensitive:

Dental amalgam
Nickel or cobalt-chrome alloys
Gold Alloy

check out this website for more info:

In initial stages, protective desensitization tooth pastes that are commercially available are adjectives. They have to be applied for a long length of time to get mediocre relief. If erosion/abrasion/cavity is notice they have to be chock-a-block and in severe cases, protection beside metal caps may be mandatory.

If the sensitivity continues, try using's great for sensitive teeth...if the sensitivity continues, then turn to another dentist for a second opinion
First...white filling are going to give you more sensitivity than silver (amalgam) filling...I don't care what anyone tell you..

Second...if your dentist insists on white fillings...find another dentist...they cost twice as much and they final you half as is a 4 fold increase contained by profits for them..

Insist on is better for you and is what I recommend to my patients.

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