25 Years out-of-date and never have cavity? Is it genes?

I brush my teeth in the morning and afterwards at night. I guzzle a LOT of candy... I have never have a cavity in my duration... I don't think it is genetic because my parents and my sister hold had some brand of dental work... Isn't it odd? Is at hand an explanation for this? Just curious...

Maybe you had a greater exposure to fluoride or probably you eat adjectives your confectionery quickly. It's also possible the microbes in your mouth aren't as cariogenic (cavity causing).

For most race its certainly possible to carry to 25 without cavity but if you are doing that while eating obscene amounts of candy next I'm happy for you =). Regularly check your teeth though lately to be safe.
The solitary real answer is genes.

It also depends what sugar you enjoy and when you have it.

But lucky you.
Just consider yourself lucky
Yep, it's genes. I'm one and the same way, as is my dad. I seldom ever floss (with braces it's too much of a pain) and I eat far more sugar than the rest of my household - only have one cavity. But my mom on the other hand have had an insane amount of tooth problems, despite her incredible hygiene. She's have a root canal on most of her teeth, as economically as crowns. The only explination for it is genes. Consider yourself lucky ;)
article that matter is that how you assert ur oral hygiene.after eating sticky food if u verbs ur teeth then here is no chance of caries. caries develop when in attendance is accumulation of substace d over it at hand is growth of microorganism
Yes, mainly down to genes, though dental hygiene can be a chief factor.
Well- your parents and sisters had dental work-- but, what age did that come to pass?? Maybe it was age 26- your time is coming : )
If you win regular dental check-ups and cleanings and no cavities, I utter it's genes. And very lucky! =)

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