A devout dentist?

Does anyone know where I can find a dentist who will adopt medicaid anf fidelis health plan within NYC to pay for my braces?

I imagine Medicaid will cover braces if you qualify. If you call their 1-800 number, they should be capable of refer you to an office.
I don't live within New York, but Medicaid doesn't pay for braces.
If you are not competent to get any insurance to backing you with your braces, check this one out:


You can recover about 50% or more on full-grown braces.

Please make sure that near are dentists in your nouns, by going to, Provider Search' and putting in your fastener code.

You do not have to be a applicant or pay to achieve all the details from the net site.

Please Email me if you need more give support to.

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