About to capture braces stale, but..?

im getting my braces off within a week but i have little ridges-not chips or anything, only just the tiny little ridges that are so small you dont see them till u are up close- on the bottom of my teeth. i just looked-for to know if they file them down after braces?

i hav those and they dont database them down. mine used to be really bad but they hav gottne better in a minute just from brushing and intake depending on how old you are, they will prob folder away on their own just by brushin and drinking. Also, if u really hate them, u could shift to a cosmetic dentist and they will file them down for you. Hope this help!

-KMD AHH 27!
I'm pretty sure you're supposed to have those ridges, to grip and cut food easier. They never file my teeth when I got my braces sour.
They should be filed right beforehand you get your braces taken rotten and if they don't you can ask them too they will do it if you ask

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