Have you ever have a curved root tooth?

did it bother u?

Curved roots can and do occur occasionally. Usually a merciful is never aware of them unless they look at the xray and/or need it extracted. They will not produce any pain or symptoms otherwise. If the tooth desires a root canal contained by the future, that may be for a while tricky. Also if the tooth ever needs to be extracted, that will commonly need to be done by an oral surgeon because it will necessitate to be dissected (taken out in parts) since it isn't straight adequate to pull out directly. Think of it approaching a puzzle piece with the tip specifically curved "locked" into the bone like puzzles pieces lock into respectively other. The dr. would have to remove that tooth contained by parts. You'd be numbed up or under sedation, so you wouldn't really know that detail anyhow, but you're jowl may hurt a bit more after that type of extraction. And all of this is one and only if you ever need to do a root waterway or extraction. Otherwise, if the tooth is healthy, save it that way and put it out of your mind. Good luck!
I own severely curved roots on my second premolars and I have never have a problem. It is pretty common to hold curved roots on your teeth. It is tricky to do a root canal on a severely curvered roots.
My closing molar on top is curved. I saw it yesterday at my dental appt on a panoramic x-ray. It does not bother me however it can cause a problem if a teachings is wanting to erupt. If you leave the knowledge tooth under the gum and wish to let it come out on its own, it will hit the root that is to say curved and push your teeth. In that situation, it would be better to get it removed by an oral surgeon. That is what is happing to me. I touch like something complex is under the gum and what it going on is the wisdom tooth is hitting my root of the tooth to be precise curved. I have an appt for the surgeon within a week. Other then that, it is fine next to me.

Good luck

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