After root conduit near satisfying?!?

After a root canal, i have a filling. How do u see if a filling fell stale? Do i necesarily need a crown?! Can i brush on a root canaled tooth? My cheeks is somewhat swollen and inside feel stiff. Is that normal? How can i relieve that? It is rather uncomfortable especially when i hold to laugh my cheek ache.
Next treatment i need to verbs my teeth and then another innards. My dentist recommended further decisions after that subsequent treatment whether crowning or not. Please give me the headups.

first stale, it depends on the reason you have to have the root waterway in the first place.
if the tooth have a big cavity in it, and it be too close the the nerve of the tooth, you may hold some residual soreness.
if the nerve of the tooth be dead formerly they did the root canal, you can still hold some soreness (only 2 or 3 days) due to all the pushing and the type of instruments that are used during a root conduit.
yes, you can brush a tooth that has have a root canal. as far as the satisfying in it very soon, if it's white then it's a intervening filling and you will inevitability to go rear and have a final padding put in. if it's a silver color, later you already have that padding.
cheeks are sore because of being stretched out...also, you may enjoy had some point of infection at the tip of the tooth and it takes a year or two for that to clear up post root canal.

it is superfluous to have a crown put on a tooth beside a root canal, but the likelyhood of you breaking your tooth past its sell-by date and needing an extraction is high without it.

you can other refuse dental treatment...but please listen to your dentist
When the Dentist does a root conduit the roots are dead, in that
won't be any pain from the tooth. There is no satisfying in a root conduit. You can brush a root canal tooth. It should hold a crown on it. Your cheek is probably sore from all the stretching
and pulling on it. I guess you know by immediately they can stretch your mouth bigger than you ever thought possible. You can
use warm saline water to comfort heal the soreness and a worthy
mouthwash to help the doomed to failure taste to budge away. The best of luck
with the rest of your dental work.

Your cheek is sore from the injection itself. When the injection is done, it go through a lot of muscles contained by the back of your mouth, which are the ones that are used when you smile and clench your teeth together. This will restore your health in a sunshine or so...

You need to hold a crown put on that tooth. When a root canal is done, some of the inside of the tooth is taken out, and you are vanished with a restricted outer ring of tooth structure...think of an egg near just the shell on the outside. If you bite something tricky, you can easily fracture a piece of this tooth bad, and depending on how bad it breaks, you will hold to get the tooth taken out...description lost dollars for that root canal.

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