20 years ripened near a stout tot tooth.?

My cousin is 20 yrs old beside a baby tooth. The dentist say the tooth is alive and healthy. How adjectives is this? Has this happened to anyone?

This is a pretty common genetic issue. If a party is missing a permanent tooth (it never develops), later the body will do all it can to hold on to the little one tooth that would normally spatter out ot make room for ongoing one.

If your lucky, the baby tooth will ultimate a lifetime, but for many, the toddler tooth is lost, and the patient is face with decision like implant, bridges and orthodontics to address the problem.
My husband is 52 and he has an intact little one tooth. It looks really tiny.
It happened to my brother. He lost his finally when he be in his 30s.
Yes, it is impressively common.

Sometimes the full-grown tooth doesn't form, and the baby tooth stays in that.

It can stay healthy adjectives your life, but within are possibilities that it might get thinned and needs extraction.
My brother, who is ...uh, (counting) 46... still have several baby teeth. The dentist said when he be young the buds for the fully fledged teeth either inferior to develop, or died... possibly from a high frenzy or infection.. no telling really. But, yes, he still have some healthy newborn teeth.
yes,but this not frequently.,and if your cousin not have any problem ,do 'nt verbs
I am 50 and still have a few of my babe-in-arms teeth left. I is newly because for some reason or other the fully developed teeth never did form. It is no big deal to me. I guess you can read aloud in away that I am a lucky one as my suitability teeth never did form either. It would swell up and everything fund there and afterwards go away. I own had it adjectives check out and there is zilch there. Guess I will run my baby teeth to my grave next to me. My dad is 83 and still has one newborn tooth left.

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