A query in the region of invisalign and terracotta braces?

im thinking about relating my dad to give me invisalign to fix my teeth -- or clay braces if they're better. I have buckteeth, which method that my front upper and lower teeth protrude outwards. There is also some crowding in my support teeth, it looks like they're kinda jammed together. can somebody enlighten me what price they had to reimburse for their invisalign and the length of treatment they have? I just wanna know if someone out within has teeth similar to mine. OR just bequeath me some feedback on ceramic braces too, so I can establish which is better. Which one is more expensive by the way? Ceramic braces or invisalign?

i own buckteeth too, and i opted for clay braces, you can barely see them and they arent desperate. im not sure abour invisalign i do believe that it is more expensive than any other treatment. Ceramic braces however cost me 400 dollars more than what the regular metal ones cost, and this was single for the top ones. Since you cant really see my bottom teeth when i talk or smile, i purely got the regular silver ones on he bottom because that would of be 400 dollars more for the bottoms also. what i do like roughly speaking my ceramic braces is that most folks really cant tell unless they acquire close to me, one bad piece though is that your clear rubber bands that progress around the bracket can be stained if you eat things that enjoy a very muddy tint to it. ex: bbq sauce.. even though i do eat these things and i havent have a problem with my rubber band staining.. good luck :)
the cost for earthenware braces is around Rs 60,000 (indian rupees). the length of treatment depends on ur oral condition and the sort of care u give somebody a lift. one thing u hold to keep within mind is ceramic braces are completely delicate n u will hold to take dutiful care of them. adjectives the best
well the price repeatedly depends on the area you live within, Invisalign generally runs around 4500 dollars. I surmise that its well worth the cost, because time is shortened and the appliances are clear and not too aching, you should go to a dentist and hold a consultation, and they'll give you a few option. Good luck

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