A question for anybody that knows about teeth!?

ok, i have had braces already and they are now off. my teeth are straight, but my two front teeth sort of portrude (stick out) of my mouth. this is because of my big overbite and this was caused by me sadly. my dentist said that we should remove 4 of my teeth two top and two bottom to get my teeth to moveback, but other dentists said there was no need to. i left me teeth alone and went straight for the braces. so now, he says that he can take out all four of my wisdom teeth and put this sort of gadget UNDER my teeth that will shift them back. will this make my teeth lok good n straight or is it something that will just help a LITTLE? please help!

If you had braces, this should have corrected the overbite. Did you end up this way after they were removed, or did you not wear the retainer? Depending on their positions, removal of the 3rd molars may not be necessary. My advice is to go back to the orthodontist for follow-up before you have ANY teeth removed. He may give you the "Invisalign" retainers to use.

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