After cavities and extracted teeth?

i'm getting braces this summer and i have a dentist appointment next week to do my cavities. my dentist told me that he'll refer to me a orthodontist and most likely i'm going to have to pull out the teeth on the top after my fangs on both sides so that my other fang can come down properly. when i was younger, i had to get a tooth pulled on the bottom (i guess you could say it's the tooth after the fang as well.)

my question is: besides pulling the teeth on the top, would they have to pull out my other tooth on the bottom to make it even with the other side or no? after i get my cavities done and teeth pulled out, what will the orthodontist do? would i have to visit my dentist for a final checkup to give the 'ok!' signal? how long will i have to wait till i actually put on the braces?

They would not have to pull out the tooth on the bottom.
Whe I had problem like that my dentist advised me to have a false tooth implanted in the gums instead of the pulled out one. They are made of metal covered with ceramic like to be like the other teeth. You put one and for all. It may be a bit expensive but they are the best way. . Dentist will always try to save teeth before pulling it out. So have a good advice from your dentist. The time , I don't know exactly but they won't take much. They are not done by the dentists themselves but they take a form and order them to others specialised in this field.

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