All 4 sense teeth comming out at once.?

I am getting all 4 of my suitability taken out. they are horizontal impaction, half still within jaw and partly coved in skin. i be wondering if anyone out there have had like thing done, how abundant days did you need to lift off work? Physical errand, with lots of chitchat,
I am a 30 year old woman who is nourishing, no health issues or meds.

I have all 4 prudence teeth removed a year and a half ago. I have it done on a Friday and was competent to go to church on Sunday, where on earth I play the piano. The first night is the worst. I have stitches for almost a week. It seemed better after the stitches be removed. You'll probably just stipulation to take 2 - 3 days stale. Your doctor can tell you how long to clutch off. Make sure you obtain the pain drug prescription filled promptly. You'll want to have it by the time the novacaine wear off. It's not fun but it's better to be in motion ahead and get it over beside. I put it off and my experience teeth got infected. I wish I had done it when they first told me.
I have three wisdom teeth taken out by an oral surgeon and have no problems whatsoever. I was at work a daylight later...I took sometime off merely because :)

I would recommend having them out via an oral surgeon though...they only just knock you out and you wake up beside a mouth full of gauze. Easy as pie. The last teachings tooth I had my dentist bear out in his organization turned out to be a nightmare.
I have have it done, and i didn't take any days bad school and the daylight after i was competent to bowl so i think you'll be fine.
I have my wisdom teeth pulled lower than local anesthetic last week. I haven't have any pain and no problems. The worst element for me is/was the soft diet (around 2-3 weeks), because I like crunchy foods...and that saline water rinse is not at the top of my favorite things...except that it shouldn't be too bad. The relations I know who had impactions and surgery underneath general anesthetitic seem to have worse experiences than mine. But, I focus it really depends on your dentist, mine took great care of me and even call to check on me later that evening.
I can fathom out where you are coming from next to having a commission that you talk adjectives day. If it be me, I would just play secure and take a couple of days bad after it is done, just so when you do budge back to work, you will get the impression more comfortable and not have to verbs about your mouth sentiment sore or how well it is invigorating. Thats just me, you would probably be alright sooner, but I basically play it safe.
Your mouth is going to be sore for a while -- form sure you keep up near the pain meds -- it will alleviate some of the agony -- I would say run off 3-5 days -- I don't know how you are going to drink, they should have done one undamaged side and then have you come back to do the other side.

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