All four Wisdom Teeth pulled out!?

I just get them pulled out 2 days ago... why is one side hurting more than the other side? I feel close to the right side is getting sucked in, while the other side is lately sore... I don't want to get dry sockets or doesn`t matter what... when will the pain be in motion away? how long until i eat solid food? when is it okay to gargle next to listerine? Do i still have to apply mouth pressure next to the cotton paper they give me, even tho the bleeding stopped? Also the drugs seem to be working tremendously strongly on the right side, like its really numb and feel like its getting sucked surrounded by, is that normal?

You should really contact the oral surgeon that did your surgery. I have 3 removed Tuesday myself and my surgeon told me that I may experience numbness for a few days due to bruising of the nerve during surgery but it would progress away as the nerve get better. As for the rest, i don't really have any answers for you, but I am have alot of pain myself so i guess conceivably that part is majority. If you are really concerned you should call the emergency number for your dentist and permit a professional know what is going on, don't be afraid to bother's their job and I'm sure they realize.
sounds like question a dentist should be answering for you.
I got dry sockets and it sucked. Vicadin didn't even facilitate. I was contained by so much agony and had to turn to the dr every two days. You can start by eatting some soft solids like mac and cheese or pickles or doesn`t matter what. Your mouth shouldn't still be bleeding. Your mouth also shouldn't be numb on one side, you might want to discuss that with a doctor. You also should hold to apply pressure. Hope that helps!
sounds resembling dry sockets go obtain it packed they will touch much better good luck sandy
What sympathetic of drugs? You need a cloying pain murderer like Vicodine. You can work on the other stuff after you stop the anguish.
go put money on to the dentist immediately , he must hold hit a nerve on one side .
Eat some yoghurt for presently, it'll help you treat - natural non-sweetened yoghurt mind you. The anguish will go away within a few days. It needs give or take a few a week to heal to a point where on earth you can feel little aching.
What you can also do is to rinse your mouth with a bland tea tree oil solution, three times a light of day, it'll help numb the discomfort and it's totally natural. Brilliant dental local anaesthetic, I used it when I needed two double root canals.
More predictable if you had adjectives of them pulled and one side hurts more, there be a more complicated root system on one side than the other. Don't worry it'll be much better soon.

Hope you consistency better soon!
My you are a brave person. Go next to luke warm soups, possibly soak some crackers in it. Eat applesauce, jello, soft rime cream. Have some popsicles. Contact your dentist's office near your questions so that you can be sure and find correct answers and not have complications.

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