so im getting my braces on in 4 days, what color should i obtain? Please help : ]]

acquire what ever colors you want just remember that you will hold those colors for a whole month. when in that was a holiday surrounded by a month i would get colors that go with the holiday. christmas i would acquire red and green, 4th of july red, white and blue. so on and so forth. but it is really up to you.
Colors on your braces are all almost personal preference, I guess. I've never have them, but if I ever do get them (which I know need) I would probably choose something that would be in motion with my wardrobe, or would compliment my skin tone or something.

Like, since I own blonde hair and blue/green eyes, I would probably procure blue and green, to bring out my eyes.
Pick your favorite color. Whatever YOU want. =-)
Don't be so excited about getting braces. You'll aspiration you had them sour the day after you gain them. It feels abnormal... My teeth are loose right now from them. It's creepy. I get black and light pink, btw. Have fun...
Since I have them for over 2 years, I just go and tried all of them. School colors, holiday colors, or even a fav color at that time. Clear or black work really in good health as basics though. But enjoy fun trying all of them. =)

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