After using mouthwash I enjoy an urge to rinse again near hose down. How long should I hang around to rinse next to hose?

As long as you can. You have to consent to the fluoride take it's full effect.
you can rinse right away as the mouthwash have done its job
oh..oops I thought you be suppose to rinse after using mouthwash..oh well.
You can rinse near water now. The job of the mouthwash is complete!
Just rinse long adequate to flush out the alcohol taste, roughly 10 seconds.
after using mouthwash you realy shouldn't clean up till after your next collation but if you have an urge, skulk atleast five minutes.
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As long as you can. When you rinse near water, right after using mouthwash, you are wash away all the mouth swab that is bloodbath the germs in your mouth. I know it taste bad, but it's best if you can hang around at least a partly an hour.
Why? The amount of minerals and calcium, though minute are placed back into your mouth after self rinsed out by the mouthwash.
i always rinse right away because it make me feel a bit sick
I do find it stings. I purely slosh a bit of water over freshly my tongue to take the flavour away but disappear the mouthwash on my teeth.
no you shouldnt rinse not even after tooth brushing as this takes away the benificial effects of the fluoride

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