After using crest pro robustness and getting a root conduit and tooth pulled?

my gums have lost adjectives their natural pigment. I am panicky I have oral cancer. Did the toothpaste produce the gums to stay white or pain pills. Help!

I've used Crest Pro Health Toothpaste and Mouthwash for over a year and hold no problems. Toothpaste does not cause you to stipulation root canals, teeth pulled or any other problems.
I in recent times recently have a tooth pulled,about two weekes ago,and I notice my gums were white also,certainly just this morning,I notice it again.It must be related somehow,seeing as we both have have the same experience.I've not be very worried nearly it,but if your concerned,you could call your dentist and ask them.
I cannot read out if you have oral cancer, but most nation don't realize that the fluoride in toothpaste and surrounded by our drinking water is primarily poison. This might or might not have be the cause of your tooth troubles, but since I've switched to Jason's Organic Toothpaste (fluoride free), my teeth have a feeling stronger and my gums have a nutritious color. Switch to fluoride free toothpaste (they have adjectives natural ingredients that you in actuality recognize) and see if it provides a different result for you. Please check out the Dr. Mercola website and type in "fluoride" to see what I be going to. It will truly open your eyes on oodles health issues contained by general.

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