After Getting a tooth pulled can they replace it next to a false tooth?

I need to grasp my back molar pulled and I considered necessary to know if its possible for my dentist to replace it later down the road or would they own to replace it immediately after the extraction?

As a dentist I can transmit you that you will be able to replace your lost tooth after that down the road with a dental drive in, partial or with bridge work. You will necessitate to wait until after your extraction site heal, which in some cases take many months for the gums to completely treat and close. A veneer is a COVERING for a tooth, not a replacement, to have a veneer you would have need of to have a tooth present to be covered, and this is unsurprisingly not possible after an extraction. Talk near your dentist before your extraction, he/she will know how to explain all the option available to you. Be sure to follow all of your dentists instructions post-extraction to ensure the proper therapeutic if your gums and to prevent dry socket. Good luck!
i believe you can do it whenever you want. they will put in a veneer.
They can do implant further down the road. Ask your dentist about it while you're near!
Good luck!
They can be replaced (called implants) but the extraction site has to alleviate first.
can replace it later but it would hurt alot smaller quantity if you did it sooner
You would be able to capture it replaced with a veneer. And it could be done at any time...and I wouldn't verbs too much about it, at most minuscule it is a back molar. Is it your unmarked molars growing in you are getting pulled? B/c those ar not supposed to be replaced.
i influence yes OR they can apply braces to lesion the gap
yes they can put contained by a dental implant whenever u hold the money
if it is a wisdom tooth it does not requirement to be replaced. if it is a true molar you can have an implantation asap. you dont need to hang about. the healing time for an surround is about 4-6 months but you will hold a temp tooth in place. when that heal the temp will come off and a crown will be placed. cost.anywhere from 3-5,000. honest luck
If you have satisfactory bone mass they can replace it with a dental insert.
What? What are some of you guys talking roughly speaking? You can't replace a pulled tooth with a veener! It's an entrench you'd use. A veneer covers a tooth. And if she is getting the tooth pulled, how the hell could you cover it?

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