5 minute crest whitestrips?

Hey I just bought the 5 minute crest whitestrips but i'm quality of reluctant to use it because i heard abundantly about it irritating the gums and making teeth exceedingly sensitive. I'ts also only 5 minutes, so i'm thinking that it would put more chemicals on my teeth. What do you regard? Anyone who has tried them, please inform me what you thought of it. Thanks so much! =)

The sensitivity varies from human being to person. My husband uses the 5 min strips and feel less sensitivity than near the 10-14 days ones. To decrease some of the sensitivity, skip a time or wear the strips separately. And don't brush before using it. It does be in motion away in a few days after you stop. Or smaller number sensitivity as you keep going through the system. He's be using it for about 3 weeks and no more sensitivity and it's bit by bit whitening his teeth. Good luck!
Any type of teeth whitener or teeth bleach can cause sensitivity and irritation to gums. I've see a lot of nouns (personally and professionally) with Sensodyne Whitening. It whitens only just as well as other whitening tooth paste, and eases the sensitivity.

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