7 weeks after wisdom teeth surgery questions?

Well, I got my wisdom teeth cust out on 4/24/07. I seem to be doing pretty well however just today I was eating a salad and thought I had something stuck in the socket of the one tooth. When I looked at it it was red (which I thought might have been a piece of the tomato) so I tried to pick it out and actually started bleeding. So it doesnt appear to be anything lodged in the socket, my question is...is this normal to be red and bleed like this? I have had no problems until now. I do not have any pain just the redness. It was bleeding because I picked at it (probably not wise). Also, how long before the socket is closed and im 100%?

All 4 of mine were pulled in March. I got dry socket in the lower 2 and was in a lot of pain. I still have numb spots on my face from the nerve trauma.

I suggest contacting the oral surgeon and letting him know that you're still bleeding. They may prescribe an antibiotic to make sure you don't get an infection.

As for how long till you are 100%, it may be up 6 months to a year. But I'm sure that within 3 months, you'll be pretty good.

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