3 mouth ulcer surrounded by end Two months?

my dad has have 3 mouth ulcers within the last 2 months and he is refuse to go to the doctor, is this something he should be worrying in the region of? what can he do to solve it?

Stress, tiredness is a major wreak of ulcer, a fruitless diet is another factor. Solve those issues and the rest is history
sounds like an Ulcer, or Herpes - any way, he should see a doctor.
jump to the doctor this could be a sign of cancer in his mouth or other part's of his body. nil too play with.
He particularly needs to see a doctor. If you involve help motivating him, win a few scary statistics from wiki or something and enlighten him how much you care and are worried. Hopefully that'll return with him into the doctor's office.
he /needs to see / household Dr / or dentist / PRONTO !!! / if he /refuses to go / to the Dr /just maintain encouraging /good luck / have him /mix partly hydrogen peroxide / the one for oral use /and half water/ gargle / don't swallow / twice day by day / good luck
He wants to stop eating citrus things for a week or two, resembling lemon, orange, and pineapple. Anthing close to that. He also needs to hold on to proper oral care. (brushing, flossing, and rinsing) Make sure that he doesn't consume to several carbonated liquids also. If the ulcer persist, he'll entail to get some type of medical attention.

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