After cleaning teeth?

I had my teeth cleaned today. It fairly bleed. Is that normal? The dentist said she would enjoy to continue the procedure subsequent week cos my gum is quite infected. What is infected gum? Whats the make happen? Is it by the teeth cleaning?

Thank you in finance.

in some cases it is means that you have food and debris contained by your gums and the hygeinist had to remove it cause you to bleed.i bleed two,it's normal ..happen mostly to everyone...infected gums can be because you dont get cleaning regularly or you dont floss(it annoying i know) doesnt achieve caused by the cleaning, the infection i denote...when you go posterior she will treat the infection with another will travel away(the infection) and if you try and get cleanings every six months or kinda close to that (really up to your busy schedule)your gums should be fit again..take strictness
Sounds too me like you own inflammation of the gums and they can get infected also. If you floss regularly it help keep your gums glowing. The dentist should be able to assist you with this.
yay I'm not alone! same point happened to me, it method you have something resembling gingivitis, possibly something else. brush your teeth more and get some flexibility for gingivitis, if you have braces the swelling contained by your gums should go down after they come stale. that's what happened for me. otherwise lately get the breadth and brush more :)
its caused by not cleaning your teeth on a daily basis or not brushing them correctly. you should start also flossing it helps next to that a lot. so start brushing them a short time better.

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