2 year infirm dentist appointment?

Im going to be bringing me 2 year old to her first dentist appt. I am a moment ago wondering what will take place. Im have a very concrete time imagining her sitting in attendance with her mouth uncap for the dentist. What did they do when you brought your child for their first checkup?


Typically a pediatric dentist might do the following:

- look at the teeth to see what the general condition of your child's mouth is surrounded by.

- take a few bitewing X-rays to net sure all the developing teeth are at hand.

- a prophylaxis (gently removing any accumulated plaque and polishing using a rubber cup, which might be ticklish for the child).

- Instructions for you and your child on how to maintain those teeth nice and healthy.

Every six months for a checkup.

And that's it! Nothing to verbs about.

Good luck.
They lately looked in my sons mouth for a minute later gave me tips on oral form. I think they do more at the 3 y/o appointment.
Take your two year out-of-date to a dentist that specializes in kids.
They enjoy cartoons and video for kids to get their minds past its sell-by date of the dentist while he is checking their mouth.
They will "count" her teeth (check for cavities). Usually dentists do not use the proper tool names so they do not startle the patient. They may want to try to verbs her teeth, but will not force the issue. Your dentist may want your child to sit on your lap and may want you to lend a hand by opening your mouth for a "check." (To show your toddler that it doesn't hurt.)

Tell your child that she must NEVER bite the dentist. She should know that biting hurts and the dentist is her friend.

However, if your child refuse to open her mouth, do not push the issue. Try the dentist subsequent on (about 6 months). It also helps if you can find a child-friendly dentist (we did this beside our son, in that they used laughing gas to backing him relax before getting Novocain).

Make the trip to the dentist's organization a fun adventure!
Personally I can read between the lines your concern and commend you for your care surrounded by your child's teeth.

Having said that, if your child had=s good teeth, i.e. you own been kind for them, then 2 is too youthful. I took my daughter at 4 and she got rave reviews and have a great experience. I think at 2 they may be too childish and a frightening experience may be counterproductive.

You sound close to a very vigilant parent, koodos to you, but don't push things too briskly. If you see problems then by adjectives means dance, but if your child's teeth are healthy I would linger until 4 when they are able to enjoy a better understanding of what is stirring.
Most likely they will check her teeth and verbs them. They will also probably show her how to brush and floss. Plus they will give her foam flouride. Since in that are tools that might be scary to her, get sure she brings a stuffed animal or something to comfort her. She won't feel as creeped out. It also will engineer her feel better if she get to pick out flavors for her toothpaste and flouride. Don't let her grasp too worked up about it, because it'll be more fear-provoking for her than it really is. Good luck!
At your first pedo visit, you can a moment ago expect the dentist to show her the equipment, get to know her, try to look at her teeth, etc. It's more give or take a few getting her comfortable with the department than an actual exam.

The white spots are call flurosis. It is cause by too much fluoride. It doesn't hurt the teeth at all, in recent times a little staining. Stop giving her the fluoride drops and she'll be fine. The spots will probable go away near age, and for sure when she gets her full-size teeth.

Congratulations on being a right parent - taking care of your daughter's teeth. That's pretty in danger of extinction these days!

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