Abscess Tooth & Headaches?

I have an abscess tooth and only wanted to know if it is adjectives to experience a headache (mostly mild) from it...I have have the swelling from the abscess for 2 days and been to the doc today for some antibodies (clindamycin), to the dentist tomorrow. I hold had the headache for give or take a few the duration of the swelling, 2 days, while mild I know its there. Thanks for input.

As a dentist, I can put in the picture you that it is completely normal to experience headache with any type of dental dull pain. It sounds as though you are on the right path to getting your abscess tooth cleared up as not solely is an abscess extremely painful, it is also impressively serious and can prove to have existence threatening complications if not treated. Antibiotics are a necessity when dealing next to these types of oral infections and Clindamycin is the correct medication to use to fight your abscess. Should your headache become severe or your tooth discomfort worsens, please take a trip to your local ER directly. Good luck!
I am sure the headache is from the tooth. It's happened to me up to that time!
Yes, could be. Sorry
Yes, you probably have an infection making its road up to your brain.
It's a good point you have a dental appointment!

You should pinch some ibuprofen to relieve the pain and swelling.
Yes it is from the infection surrounded by the tooth.
They just talk about that on TV roughly a child who had no
insurance next to an abcess so he didn't go to the Dentist and
the infection go to his brain and killed him, so beside the
headaches seriously.

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