Absess contained by my mouth??

I have an absess within my gum, just above my two front teeth. It be sore the other night but I swished hot, saline water around my mouth and the cramp has gone. The absess is still nearby as I can feel the lump. Can the absess clear up on it's own or do I stipulation to get anti-biotics?? I would to some extent not if I didn't need to!

As a dentist I can enlighten you that not only will you requirement to be prescribed antibiotics, you will also need to see a dentist to enjoy the problem fixed (IE: Decay) that is cause the infection. Your abscess will clear up after taking antibiotics, but once you go sour of them the infection WILL return and is usually much more worse the second time around. Do yourself a huge favor, see a dentist and let him or her prescribe you some antibiotics and discuss treatment option with you. If not treated an abscess can turn into a really serious problem with possible lethal complications as the infection can spread to the throat causing airway obstruction or spread to the heart and brain. PLEASE see a dentist ASAP to get this treated past a more serious problem arises. Good luck!
You need antibiotics as an abcess is cause by a bacterial infection. The only opening to get rid of the infection is near antibiotics. If you don't get it treated it could spread to your blood stream and be more serious.
my mom,(who is a dentist!) say that you need to capture to a dentist immediatly b/c it could flare up at any time and become critical. your dentist can perform a root strait and solve your problem.
Go see a Dentist ASAP. You could die from an absess, getting into your blood stream and causing sepsis.
IMMEDIATELY,GO TO YOUR D.D.S.='dentist', who, as a 'doctor', can properly diagnosis ,AND treat your condition near antibiotics,or whatever traetment regimen, that he deem as 'medically prudent' .
It doesn't sound resembling the kind of piece you can treat with saline water.Salt hose down only treats mild ulcer in the mouth. Go to the dentist. If you cant afford it turn to your local dental hospital emergency department and tell them you are contained by pain so they will see you.An abscess doesn't run away it has to be pumped out and the nouns has to be cleaned properly .The root of your tooth may be infected or deceased.Best wishes.

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