Abscess Tooth & Extraction?

I went to my dentist today for a look at my abscess, they said it be a pretty normal abscess. I found out that my tooth next to the abscess is actually a primary/first tooth. I hold been taking clindamycin for a light of day now and he wishes me to come in tomorrow to verbs the tooth because it has a cavity too and is not repairable. My examine is it normal to own a tooth pulled while I still have the abscess infection going on? I know my dentist is the one recounting me this, but just looked-for some opinions. Being this tooth is a "baby" tooth and my infection be normal I assume adjectives will be well. Thanks for input adjectives :)

its alright to have ur newborn tooth pulled out, since its creating such a problem, and the baby tooths roots arent within either, its jus sagging in place. ur set of irreparable teeth when u grow older hold no use of the baby teeth
Baby tooth doesn't hold a root so should be no problem.
My dentist has other told me that he can NOT pull a tooth while nearby is still infection. I'd question this for a time more with your dentist.
Brush and you wouldn't own had this problem.
If you don't obtain it pulled, the abscess won't go away, it will with the sole purpose get worse. The cavity except taken care of will singular continue to rot...procure it removed.
yes this is fine. My mother had 2 sets of tot teeth and when she was contained by high university had to find them all pulled some witch still have abscess
If the infection is well-isolated and insignificant extraction ought not be an issue. However, it would be advisable to continue and complete the full course of your antibiotic short fail.
I have to have mine pulled but I am pretty sure I be on antibiotics for a week before they pulled it. Also, I would own them put you asleep. A dentist tried to pull mine for 20 minutes, she couldnt carry it, I had partially a tooth left after she be done. She sent me to have it surgically removed a afternoon later.
If it be a permanent tooth, no. since it's a infant tooth, it's ok.

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