Abscess tooth???

I think I may own an abscess, my gums are swollen and so is the entire right side of my face. I am surrounded by sooooo much pain, this is entirely worse than childbirth! Anyone know any remedies to support until I can get to the dentist subsequent week??

As a dentist myself it does sound similar to you have an abscess on your hand. An infected tooth, or abscess as they are called are extremely raw and will need antibiotic analysis. PLEASE see a Dentist or take a trip to your local ER as soon as possible as this CANNOT be fixed on its own and within are NO home remedies that will cure this tooth, you need a dental professional straight. Antibiotics and pain medication that the doctor will prescribe will eventually abet the tooth become less infected but once you stop antibiotics the infection WILL return and is usually much more itchy the second time around. Infection from an abscess tooth can spread to the throat causing an airway log jam and can spread to the heart and brain and cause especially severe problems and sometimes fatal complications. PLEASE see a dentist contained by your area to discuss treatment as this can become extremely stinging. Try taking Motrin (ibuprofen) for pain, this will facilitate reduce swelling and will also lend a hand control pain. Also try using COLD compresses, do NOT use grill as this can cause the infection to worsen and spread and become more bleeding. Please see a dentist or ER physician ASAP. Good luck!
Take a whole lot od apirin or any type of cramp killers, you hold to take more than the recommended dosage though.
over the counter, you can thieve ibuprofen - it has anti-inflammatory properties. otherwise, ask the dentist to prescribe you some antibiotics to try and eliminate some of the infection, and ask for some pain medication - most dentists will prescribe tylenol #3, or a larger dose of ibuprofen. the ibuprofen will probably do better for you. hope this help :)

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