A sound out for denists? Is it possible to see rotting underneath a porcelain crown freshly by x-rays?

I went to the dentist today and have full mouth x-rays done and the dentist told me that he could see there be some rotting around my post under my crown by the x-rays. Is this possible to detect simply by an x-ray? Just curious.

Yes, you can indeed see everyday tooth decay around a porcelain crown on an x-ray. Healthy tooth structure is calcified and shows up as white on an x-ray. Decaying tooth structure would hold lost a lot of its calcification and thus shows up as dark areas on an x-ray.

Ask your dentist to point out the areas where he saw putrefaction. If you are not totally satisfied next to his explanation, you can ask for a copy of the x-ray (you need to earnings for the duplication service though), and take the x-ray to another dentist for a second view or even third opinion.

Hope this help, and good luck.
Yes. presently if your teeth were made from lead then he wouldn't be capable of see it.
Well you cant see thorugh the crown if that what your asking with xrays. The roots and he surrounding yea! It doenst stir thorugh metals. You'll see it as a big white thing within the xray
If the crown is all porcelain, the answer is yes, and the corrosion would have started at the border of the crown which is also detectible on the xray. If the crown is porcelain over a metal substrate, then you can with the sole purpose evaluate the margins on the xray, and not see "through" the crown. The post usually extends below the margins of the crown especially if the tooth has have a root canal. If the crown be properly glued/sealed at the time it was placed, after the most likely source of the decomposition started by an attack at the tooth/crown connection, or side-line.

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