14 years behind the times, how much should I be benching?

I'm 14, 5'6" and 130 lbs, i'll usually do reps of 135, and I maxed at 160 the other day. But i'm curious as too if i'm at average, below, or above for my BMI?

It sounds to me close to your above average for such a small person. I don't know if I'm freshly below average or what, but I'm 15, 6'4", 175 lbs, and i can only max 140. But I've only started lifting weights, only be lifting for a couple of months now. Whether or not you're average would depend alot on how long youve be lifting, but I seem to be for a moment above average for my age at the school I turn to so i think you would be above average for your size. you can email me to reach a deal more about weightlifting at [email protected]
how much do u weigh?
you are usual.
wow, thats pretty good but if you weigh 130 you might want to hold a back support belt so that you dont mess up your vertebrae.
135 in a row? or u benched 135 lbs? if u can do 135 contained by a row its WAY too light, u should know how to feel the burn after 10. and u nouns pretty healthy at 130 pounds, so dutiful job!
It depends on the amount of mass you lift.If you want tp enjoy bigger muscles do heavy weights and smaller number reps.135 or 160 reps aint going to give you big muscles you would simply have strong and firmed muscle.
i reallly am da wrong personality 2b answering dis ? (im da same age) but i kno 4 a fact dat u nouns lyk u r skinny consiidereing ur height and bulk. b worried when u look down n cant c ur feet
for your bbuild (weight & height) i say-so you are pretty much on the average. if you can do three sets of ten reps with 135lbs thats pretty flawless. keep up the knotty work. mix it up a bit. like mon. and wed. 3 sets of 10 @ 135lbs. and on fri. shift up 10 pounds and do 2 sets of ten reps. this will help you build strength and stamina. after nex week go down 10 pounds on mon. and wed. but do three sets of 15 or 20 reps. and fri. stern to three sets of 10 reps @ 135 lbs. this will also help outline your musclesor what they call adjectives up. hope this is a little help out. please use a spotter if using free weights. you will feel yourself getting stronger surrounded by a couple of weeks or so.
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