A combination of cardio and immensity training?

i know both is needed for maximum weight lose but should i get
lighter weight so i can do more,or should i get heavier weights but fewer times?????

Try 3 times a week for weightiness lifting and 2 times a week for cardio. You can also try the other way around!

For example: M-W-F---Weight Lifting

- or -

T-TH-----Weight Lifting

I hope this give support to! :)
If you are going to be doing Cardio too, I would stick with a unwieldy weight regiment to build the most muscle possible. Endurance training would be pointless near Cardio for weight loss.

Do a substantial weight regiment. I.E. Heavy counterweight, few repetitions.
Totally depends on the muscles that you are sculpting.

If you are lifting for tolerance, you should follow the traditional routine, which is:
*Start at 12 rep max, 12 reps
*Decrease by ten pounds, 10 reps
*Decrease ten more, 8 reps
*Decrease ten more, as many reps as you can squeeze out
This is for increasing stamina, and doesnt necessarily increase the size of your muscles.

If you are lifting for strength, you should hoist more weight, a lesser amount of times. The rule of thumb is
*12 reps at 70% of your one rep max
*10 reps at same
*8 reps at same

Combined with a strenuous cardio workout, you'll be fit as a be uneasy! :)
You can do both in your training programme.

You have need of to change your programme every so normally -- so mix it up. Do high cardio weights programme for a while afterwards change it to core strength weights programme (sets of 20 are excellent for this).

You don't want to other stick with like routine because sooner rather than then your body will stop responding positively to your regime.

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