100 pounds 5'4?

I weigh 100 pounds and I am 5'4 15 years old and I am a girl is this a right weight??

if you are 15 yrs matured, tell everyone to lift a hike
I used to be 15 yrs feeble and I am as tall as you
you are supposed to do this
if you are small boned -- donate 3 lbs to each inch over 5ft
if you are prevailing conditions boned --add 5 lbs
if you are large boned -- attach 7

if you are under 25 yrs older subract one pound for each year beneath age 25 you are and you get your wonderful weight.

I am currently 120 and I can't stand the path my body looks
I wish I told everyone who told me I be underweight in illustrious school to budge play in traffic.

don't listen to green with envy people. guzzle healthy and your body will know what to do when its time
no u r greatly underweight
Yes, actually you are underweight. Normal for that rise is 115-125
according to the BMI (body mass index) chart, you are very underweight... I am 5'6 and 125-30 and I am surrounded by the normal freight zone. but yeah... you should eat something
method to skinny. Put on about 10-15 pounds
yes thats sound!! it doesnt matter how much you weigh...if you are not butter u have nothin to verbs bout!! and also it doesnt matter what u look close to...it matters what is inside!!

The counterweight sounds perfect for a girl your age and increase, however, your screen-name doesn't seem to fit...
While you are underweight and do obligation to "eat a sandwich", I would enunciate that if you are stressing over this talk to your medical doctor, or a dietitian.
going on for right maybe gain for a moment like 5 lb,

ive be trying to gain weight too! im 16, 5'3.5 and 105
source http://www.medifastdetox.blogspot.com...

u can use detox diets to loose cargo .The detox diet focuses on getting rid of the harmful aspects of our everyday diet.detox diets will oblige u to a great extent to reduce solidity and be slim.Instead of eating 2 - 3
meal per day, try drinking 4 - 5 small meals per light of day, or 3 meals and 2 good snack meals.
Food substitutions can give a hand tremendously when trying to reduce calories and speed up the metabolism.

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