10 points to the entity who can guess my mass?

okay i'm a 19yr old girl i'm 5'2 and my measurements are 34,26,32 guess my immensity and get 10 points!!

130 Ibs
118 pounds.
8 stone 7 pounds
132, supply or take 20 pounds, lol.
you nouns like the fail-safe you have the just what the doctor ordered weight for your increase skinny but not too skinny.
prob 120, but i'd guess your head weigh way more. are you looking for a cross-examine or trying to get guys to hit on you on y answers. Thats desolate, and by the way you describe yourself, I'm guessing that surrounded by person and not on a computer its more resembling 250, after all, the computer take off, powerfully, as much as you want it to.
I'm going to say around 105lb-108lb...but is 32 inches the fullest module of your hips/buttocks?
9 stone
about 120
More than 20 pounds but smaller quantity that 200. I bet I got it right!

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