? am i podginess ?

Ok, im looking for completely honest answers pleez. I can totally take it. I'm 13, nearly 130,(maybe 135...) lbs and i'm 5'4". Am i fat? Should i lose rather bit of weight? Thanks for adjectives help, guys! ^^

no but if u want to loose substance follow these tips
this is what i did i got a spiral
i wrote what i ate and how plentiful calories i ate 1400 Calories
i exercised starting a15 min slow run then i added 5 min every month until i get to 30
or if u don't run do a brisk walk and keep hold of adding time
take a list of sites close to bmi counters fun recipes etc.
also present yourself one day every 20 days to chomp through as much as u want
when u go to a restaurant help yourself to half bad ur plate and put it in a box so u can munch through later
munch through all the food groups even flabby in moderation
from 4 to 8 cups of hose down tea or coffee
set goals and meet two or 3 at a time
give yourself present for every 5 to 20 lbs u loose grasp yourself a pair of jeans or something
remember it is a variation of lifestyle not a diet
if at some point you need to crash diet do not do it for more next 20 days but i do not recommend this
try to keep it stale forever
I'm the same bulk and height and I'm 25 and ruminate I'm fat. When I be your age, I think I weigh around 95 lbs. If you think you look okay next that's fine, for your height (but I've read that for that echelon you need to be at lowest possible 115 -125, so you're in the okay range). it also depends on your build. If you hold a big build you're okay, but if your finger and thumb can overlap around your wrist (like if you grab your wrist beside them) then you should lose some substance.
Not fat at adjectives. If you have muscle next thats better. Remeber, muscle weighs more after fat.
You're fine!
Weight & Height are solitary part of the picture. You entail to find out your body fat % or muscle to round ratio. Below a 10% fat ratio you would be buff. Over 20% you would be tubby.
Truely GF you are way to young-looking to worry give or take a few weither or not you are fat. There is no method that 130 or 135 for that fact is lubricant. As long as you stay active, work out moderately, and put away right, you really should be happy next to yourself and not with doesn`t matter what the rest of the world says just about you. God made you and loves you just the process you are, and it shouldn't matter roughly speaking anyone elses opinion. Just an FYI for your echelon you should be about 125, but 5lbs. does not engender one "FAT", 50lbs may. Workout, eat right but most importantly be ecstatic with LuLu.

You recived 5 stars:) NO, dear you are not fleshy at all:)
No, without doubt, you are not fat. Who told you such a item? No matter they say aloud. I myself think you ar not obese.
no, not fat.

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