700 Calories a sunshine?

How do I burn 700 calories a day doing cardio. running would be around 500-600 but what else should i do for the concluding 100-200? i dont have any equipment...and i dont jump to a gym... dont tell me to move about to a gym cuz i cant. im 13 and you know...its my parents n everything. and dont tell me i shouldnt burn 700 calories cuz i call for to. sooo what should i do for the last 100-200 calories?

There are several simple things you can do with little or no equipment: hula hooping, hop roping, sit-ups, push ups, jumping jacks, dance...be creative.
try getting a jump rope or a picnic basket ball. or you could even draw from like a hackey sack or a skateboard. they are fun and burn calories. you could in recent times go stride around the mall wiht your friends or enjoy a football or soccer or some other game next to your friends. whatever you want will serve. or maybe buy a few dumbells or something. purely pick a few things and alternate it.
Jumping jacks, or jumping rope is a appropriate aerobic excercise, or you could work out on a set of stairs.
Power yoga might be perfect for you. It burns calories, ups your metabolism and aids digestion, keep you limber and will help you avoid injury from your running.

I run 3x a week, yoga 2x a week, and dumbell lifting 2x a week at home .(trying for those Jen Garner guns!)
Check out this site: http://www.healthatoz.com/healthatoz/ato...
It have alot of different activities nominated and it will tell you exactly how abundant calories are burned accoording to your weight.
Hope I help! :)

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