5'9 and own a short time bit of a poochy belly, wieghing within at in the region of 138. Am I too podginess for a bikini?

not at all, i bet yo own a gorgeaus body. If you want to look outstanding,just tone up a bit, i try to jog day after day for about 30-45 minutes, you'll grasp a great body and get toned every where on earth. never under estimate yourself.^_^
not at adjectives
no probably not.
No, I'm about equal, but if you're a little worried, try a tankini top, that's what i wear!
NO WAY are you lubricant! According to the charts you can weight upwards to 150# at your loftiness, if you have a milieu build.
yes of course u are why wud u even ask that sound out
No! You are so tall that adjectives anyone is going to see is your legs! Go ahead girl-rock it and be confident. I am 5'3 and 127lbs. - which is average for my height. I wear mine and look comparatively nice if I may say so myself. You get 6 inches on me-it will be sexy.
Don't do the skimpy string bikini, they have some that enjoy a 2 or 3 inch waistband that look stylish. They also have tops that would sweep over the pooch. Bring an honest friend to the varying room and try on everything in site. Go to a store where on earth you buy the pieces separate. That's the best I can do without looking at you!
your fine.
not at adjectives
No. You will be fine in a bikini.
you are not and even if you own alittle gut guys like that. it give you a little cushion for the pushin. lots of guys approaching that. dont be ashamed of your body and flaunt what you got.
Unless your legs are big and strong, yup...you are a touch over. I'd say 120/125 is the right solidity for you. Your are tall though so I don't meditate is noticeable. Some times a moment or two bit of roundness around the belly is sexy, NOT MUCH, but it's sexy. ;) good luck
No you are not too plump for a bikini, however, I would do some power walks three or four days out of the week for 20 + min to firm the belly.
no, bikini is fine.

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